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Mari-Ann Deutch Marx was born and raised in Chicago, the child of Isabel and Albert Deutch. She grew up spending most of her youth in the West Rodgers Park area, where she worked at her parent's hot dog stand (the original Red Hot Ranch), and attended Mather high school. Upon graduating, she began studying psychology at Northwestern University but had to forgo her degree due to financial circumstances. She made her living as a hairdresser, where one of her clients introduced her to her son Cary Marx, whom she married shortly after.

Mari-Ann's artistic endevours are vast and accomplished. In addition to painting, she has studied pottery, sculpture, and jewelry. She's authored a number of children's books (which are in search of a publisher), but perhaps Mari-Ann is most famous for her work in the culinary arts. A student of renowned chef John Snowden (of Dumas Pere l'Ecole de la Cuisine Francais), she is a master in the kitchen, leading to her most successful entrepreneurial venture, Mari-Ann's Gourmet. Her cookies became known far and wide as she amassed a diverse clientele of department stores, airlines, and wholesalers. At one point, Mari-Ann's Gourmet cookies were on every domestic airline carrier in the country.

All the while, she continued to paint. To this day, Mari-Ann is celebrating a life well lived with two kids, nine grandchildren, and an endlessly creative spirit.

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